We provide most Ocean Health Index (OHI) data through Github, but some files are just too large. These larger files are available from this location. Specifically, the following data are available here:

  • Spatial files describing the OHI regions
  • Some supplementary files used in our analyses

The raster files may be particularly useful for researchers conducting regional OHI assessments (or, other analyses) that require summarizing the data for regions.

Resources are available for viewing, analyzing, and manipulating spatial data in R from our Github repository, specifically:

OHI regions

Download the OHI global regions!

This folder includes shapefiles in both the Mollweide (regions_mol) and WGS 84 (regions_gcs) coordinate reference systems (Fig. 1). See this primer for more information about coordinate reference systems. These files can be opened in mapping programs such as ArcGIS, GRASS GIS, and R. Table 1 includes information about the data fields included in these shapefiles.

Figure 1. OHI regions

For the Mollweide (A) and WGS 84 (B) coordinate reference systems.